Logistics Management – Services we provide

Are you looking for a logistics management company that can handle everything from delivering a small parcel on the same day, to organising overseas transport for your large parcels?

At Cheetah Couriers we offer a variety of logistics services from Storage solutions to International courier services.


Are you looking for a reliable company to store your business products such as electrical goods or pharmaceuticals?
We can offer you a secure storage facility for up to 2000 pallets in our 16,000 square foot warehouse. We also can provide storage solutions for expats who are looking for management of their storage which often involves monthly overseas shipping.

Pallet Distribution

Due to us being a shareholder in Pallet Truck we are able to offer a nationwide service using a hub and spoke system meaning we can delivery anywhere at anytime!


Need to transport documents or products in bulk?
We can transport to any destination in the UK within your specified time frame meaning you receive your goods without any hold up. We have a range of vehicles from an Astra Van to a 40 tonne articulated lorry on hand to transport your goods efficiently.

View the full range of services we offer here – http://cheetahcouriers.co.uk/services/

Want to get in touch with us to discuss our logistics management services?
Call us on +44-170-657-7571 or email us at info@cheetahlogistic.com.