Why you need to enlist the help of an overseas courier service

We can help you with moving abroad and we thought we would share a checklist in order to make life that little bit easier through the stress of moving.

  1. Research the destination. This is something you have probably already looked into before making the decision to move, it’s important to check again for any local laws you may not be aware of. It’s also useful to look on Expat forums so you can gain a real insight into what life is really life.
  2. Apply for visas. Before moving abroad you need to apply for the correct visa for yourself and your family.
  3. Notify the Government. When choosing to move abroad, whether it’s only for 6 months or a more permanent move you will need to notify the government, HM revenue and the department of work and pensions.
  4. Get hold of medical records. You will need to visit both your Dentist and GP to get hold of your medical details.
  5. Redirect post. You will need to inform the post office that you have a change of address, most people choose to have mail sent to a close family member or friend still living in the country.
  6. Arrange for a courier service to move belongings. It’s important to have everything in place so that you won’t be without your belongings for longer than you have to be. That’s where we come in! Our overseas courier service can ensure you can transport all of your important belongings without any worry or stress.
  7. Register with local authorities at new country. It is important to let authorities know you will now be living in the country, not doing this could be illegal.
  8. Check Tax. Find out how tax works in the country you’ll be living in and what you will have to pay.
  9. Register with local school. If you have children you will need to register at either an expat or local school, whichever you decide.
  10. Register to vote. It’s important you register to vote so that you have a say about laws and changes that may happen in the country you’ve moved to.

Are you moving abroad and are at the stage where you need to enlist the help of an overseas courier service?

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